Never Wander


The first steps are not always easy because we really have to make a good decision of hiring someone from Like how infants take their first baby steps, they need to fortify their legs first. And the endeavor is not free from stumbles. Likewise, when we start to save, we need to strengthen first through a secured planning of what we imagine the future like.


We take our baby steps with determination but of course, we have to be realistic that there will always be downtimes. What we need is not to despair but to look for alternative ways to get back on track. We might not notice but it is usually the simplest things that could shake our ground. Evaluating how we handle matters could reveal aspects that we are weakest the most. Knowing our weakness can help fortify our future investments. Consider a few. Never wander off the territory of unnecessary things in life.


When we buy things we really do not need, we lose our chances for the things we really need. Be practical. Make it a habit to do things your way, instead of paying things to make way. Maintain self-control. Our emotions always try trick us into buying things. If we strictly go by the list we make before we step out of our homes, we might be able to win over a hard fight on impulse buying.



Posted Thu 20 April 2017 by Donald Spyer in misc